Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another random mix!

Time for an update before I nag B & E so that they can't complain I'm not doing anything either!

Me finally getting to use a plaster that Mayu bought for me.  Very professional.

Got handed a bag of mushrooms.

So last weekend, Say How and Nabeel (haha I use their names just cause Elizabeth knows them at least!) was supposed to come down for a medicine careers fair thing.  What I didn't know was that 3 other guys came down to '''''surprise me'''''' (these are the guys I ditched when I came down to London =[ ).  

And they brought haggis!
So we had some manly fun sausage fest times.  Anyways guys I think I might be interested in a specialty I never considered before.  Pathology.

You heard right, Amanda!  Haha but still thinking about it.

Obligatory food pic.
PS: For those playing close attention, this is the second time this lobster (I mean its relative) has made an appearance.  Come to London and I'll get you guys hooked up with lobster haha.

And to round it off, enough people are away/ got injured that they had to ask me to play in a badminton match. HAHA after 22 years I finally participated in some form of competitive sport!
Sorry, I had to take a selfie to document the one and only time they'll let me wear the uniform.  I didn't want to ask the other players to take one for me =/
Won one match, then got raped big time.

See you soon folks!  I'm expecting news from Amanda (after your exam) and Ken Chong wherever he may be!



Thursday, October 17, 2013

where is the love?

I'm doing well! thanks for asking Keegan! how's everyone else doingggg? so...I've had 2 rounds of oysters with my badminton friends. they ordered a box of 100 oysters from Massachusetts and it was shipped the next day, I have no idea how one of my friends had almost 40! I had a RECORD-BREAKING 3 oysters the first time and 4 the second time. most in my life! not gonna eat anymore, I promise. :/

anyway as you guys already know, I got a new puppy :) her name is Tofu (for the time being). my dad and stepmom doesn't really like the name, so we'll see. she's still a baby, barely 3 months old and she's a mixed breed between a Chi Hua Hua and a Dachshund (sausage dog). I'll let the pictures do the talking! 
anyway November is coming up, I'm
excited! :D might even be meeting Chee June in Nov. heh.

weather's getting cold, around 13 degrees celcius nowadays =)


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Update time!

Hi guys, it's been awfully quiet here recently, especially since I think we've been talking pretty regularly on oovoo =]  But here's a random update from me!

So it's already been a month since I've been back, and life is already pretty busy (mostly because I'm doing a lot of random stuff).  My medical school work doesn't seem nearly as busy as amanda... not by a long shot.  Haha sorry amanda, the future of the medical world rests on you! =P

If you guys are interested, I've been attached to the geriatric firm for the past month.  Uh feel free to ask me stuff?  Some fun facts!

1) In the next 5 years, there will be more people aged 65 than children under 5 in the whole world

2) The main problems that old people face are the geriatric giants: immobility, instability/falls, incontinence, impaired intellect/ dementia

3) Prevent dementia early! Eat healthy, exercise, reduce alcohol, don't smoke, keep a low blood pressure.

But anyway, you guys know what you have to do... Make babies!  The main reasons for low birthrates include higher education and urbanization and all that stuff.  The world needs more babies,

Apart from the wonderful world of old people, I've been doing some volunteering, some badminton and I'm *cough* taking chinese classes for a bit.

And here's part of a bear costume I found!

Also, look at this news article that explains how screwed I am this year.

Hope you guys are doing well =]