Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Haha this Tzu Ken damn funny. Just couldn't resist posting this.

After school, we went to BAM before Bio extra class started. All of us were eating except him...so I asked him why he wasn't eating. After making up some weird story, he told me he ordered roti telur...then he looked at that....place where they cook the roti.

Then he realised his roti telur was just left to fry there, and no one was actually taking care of it. He started whining nooooo and then literally jumped over to his roti telur, grabbed the spatula and flipped it over himself. Yeah, the other side was quite black xD. Then when he went to complain, the guy came back and started shouting, "Siapa punya roti telur? Sudah masak."

Hahaha, we went back to collect it, and told the cook something like "roti telur saya hampir hangus, tahu tak?"

And we were laughing the whole time xD.