Thursday, December 12, 2013


exams are over, one month break from today onwards! woohooo :D
and people here are so nice, look what they brought to class on the last day! 

Sunday, December 08, 2013







Stats since June 2013.


Saturday, December 07, 2013


This is called blogging before we talk to each other so I can lord it over the rest of you (mainly Amanda and Ken) about how you guys don't blog enough hahahahaha

So enjoy some random stories!  I'm assuming you guys will be reading this as we talk later once I quietly point out that you guys haven't been blogging (not you Elizabeth, we can gloat)

I got cookies!

A cake at a halloween party I was at.  It's chocolate.

My friends baked this gingerbread man to represent me.

Here's my student cooking guide.  I cook meals meant for 12 people and then eat it over the next week.  Btw, that pot is reallly big.  My housemate is disgusted by me.

BONUS PIC FOR AMANDA: Was practising OSCEs with Mayu and we didn't have a tendon hammer so we made one from a chopstick, a sock, and a lot of blue tack.

Oo so here's an interesting story.  I've been friends with this girl for over a year now, and I only just found out the other day she was a VEGETARIAN.  So I asked, but whenever we went out to eat, you definitely ate meat!!  Apparently, it was because I always picked the restaurant and recommended meat dishes so that's why she always tried it, otherwise she doesn't eat any meat.  So I felt a bit bad, and the other day I surprised her (and myself) by going to a vegetarian restaurant.  This is my plate - obviously not very green haha.  I feel so understanding =P

Soooo this is one of my classes for my current attachment (PSYCH!).  It involves sitting in a room for 2 hours and watching black and white videos about attachment theory and psychotherapy and oh my god it's so hard not to sleep.  Can be quite interesting sometimes.  Go google "mary bell".

So last week I went on a "Sports Tour" for the badminton club, which is basically an extended drinking session.  Costumes were compulsory - pre-clin had to dress up as farm animals and clini were farmers. Here's my chinese farmer outfit haha.  

And here's my tour t-shirt - they decide the name in advance for you. =]

And finally..!!  Got a new phone.  If any of you are interested in getting a new phone, let me pitch this one to you.  Cheap and good!



Friday, November 22, 2013

formula 1 weekend!

blog still not updated yet omg?

so yeah I volunteered at the formula 1 last weekend at The Circuit of The Americas (COTA) in Austin (actually it's like 15mins away from Austin but people consider it as Austin anyway). I was stationed at Turn 11 west which is one of the more exciting corners, you get to see the F1 cars doing donuts unintentionally haha. basically my job was just to guide lost people, show them where their seat was and give out free maps/itenaries. not much work to do but I got to watch the races from anywhere except the pit area. 
I only worked til 12-1pm on those 3 days and after that I was free. met some really nice people in my group as well as at the event. on Saturday my friend and I walked around the whole circuit which was 3.4 miles and it took us about 1.5hours. haha I don't know it that was quick or not but there was human traffic everywhere! one of my friends had a friend who parked his Recreation Vehicle (RV) at the circuit. it's like a caravan but bigger like a bus and way more luxurious! they have to pay like $1500 a year to rent a spot to park. anyway they knew another person who was a winemaker who also happened to have their RV parked there, the winemaker is called Troublemaker and they are from Las Vegas. they were on a tour and so happened it was the formula 1 weekend. we got to try the exclusive wines, cocktail with wines in it (how cool is that), they even had a wine tap on the RV. hahah we climbed up to the top of the RV to watch the race and catch the sunset. it was just such an amazing experience! they had food from this place called Noble's Sandwiches and their sandwiches and smoked sausages were so good! late in the evening after the races were over, we even saw Sebastian Vettel (the formula 1 champion) jogging on the track! lol. and on Sunday after the finals, I went for Pitbull's concert! i didn't expect it to be that good since most of his songs are featuring someone else. but he totally owned that stage! it was so good! 
on the first morning it was really cold and foggy, the practice session was delayed

Jenson Button ;)

German Biergarten

Texas sized Turkey Leg
huge-ass drumstick!

this was the main grandstand, a ticket here costs like $500/day! it is directly across the pit. we sneaked in there for free ;)

the pit, view from the main grandstand!

sea of humans.

partner in crime for the weekend! haha :)

some belly dancer

this was the RV parking area

this was inside the RV!

inside the RV!

this was the Troublemaker RV 

Noble's Sandwiches

the awesome Troublemaker crew!

check out the wine tap! hahaha

the Troublemakers!

the Dallas cowboy Cheerleaders!

that's Lewis Hamilton in a vintage car during the driver's parade.

Pitbull's free concert after the race

Sunset from on top of the RV! :)

that sums up my weekend! and yeah I finally had my wisdom tooth removed on Monday. hurt so bad when the numbness wore off :'( still recovering right now, on a liquid diet for the time being. and guess what, I have 2 new puppies! 

chihuahua brothers, mocha and tiger :P


 it'll be out in stores on Friday, woohoo! <3 <3 


Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

happy belated halloween!

BERK pumpkin-carving tutorial by Keegan Lee.


update, i shall!


been terrible when it comes to updating the blog. (ken chong toooooo!)

so. done with my pediatrics exam (which was 2 weeks ago actually). celebrated halloween at ocean park with my groupmates (they had many haunted houses and people dressed up in costumes trying to scare other people on the streets). some random 'monster' tried to scare me by whispering into my ear while i was texting but i was too blur to respond appropriately or look afraid and she was very displeased with us afterward. hahaha.

Jellyfish in the Ocean Park aquarium, one of the very few photos I took. -_-
also tried to go to lan kwai fong on halloween night to look at people dress up as ironman, batman, whateverman, scary monsters, catwoman, wonderwoman, sexy woman etc.

'tried' because it turned out that the entire place was barricaded and crowded like nobody's business with police blocking certain roads and directing human traffic far far away.

it took me nearly an hour to get to a vietnamese restaurant me and my friends booked that was near lan kwai fong. we didn't even bother trying to get to lan kwai fong after. way too much human traffic and we'd seen enough costumes.

currently in my final rotation (woohoo!): surgery. supposedly one of the most tiring rotations. been skipping most of the 7.30a.m. morning rounds (not compulsory) among other skippable stuff. watched a few surgeries, attended a few clinics. we have tutorials every evening sometimes lasting till 8.00p.m. and classes on saturdays. plus there's wayyyy too much to read for surgery. ughhhhhhhh.

other than that, partnered a junior in an international debating competition last weekend. we made it to the semis despite really tough competition, my lack of training and our first-time partnership. :D sucks that we couldn't take it one step further into the finals though.

HKU English Debate Team! :D awesome teammates!

The motion for the finals!

on a happier note, i'm most likely going to ucsd for my elective from 31 march till 26 may. gonna request to leave on a road trip from 24 may. :D gotta figure out the budget first though. seems like an expensive venture actually... :/

anyway, am hoping everything turns out well. also hoping to see Ken, Elizabeth and Keegan in the states. ;)

oo oo! before i end my post! i've been reading zenpencils every once in a while and it's kinda good.

here're some words of wisdom to end this post, from no other than YODA!!! hehehe:

done! take care everyone! :D


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another random mix!

Time for an update before I nag B & E so that they can't complain I'm not doing anything either!

Me finally getting to use a plaster that Mayu bought for me.  Very professional.

Got handed a bag of mushrooms.

So last weekend, Say How and Nabeel (haha I use their names just cause Elizabeth knows them at least!) was supposed to come down for a medicine careers fair thing.  What I didn't know was that 3 other guys came down to '''''surprise me'''''' (these are the guys I ditched when I came down to London =[ ).  

And they brought haggis!
So we had some manly fun sausage fest times.  Anyways guys I think I might be interested in a specialty I never considered before.  Pathology.

You heard right, Amanda!  Haha but still thinking about it.

Obligatory food pic.
PS: For those playing close attention, this is the second time this lobster (I mean its relative) has made an appearance.  Come to London and I'll get you guys hooked up with lobster haha.

And to round it off, enough people are away/ got injured that they had to ask me to play in a badminton match. HAHA after 22 years I finally participated in some form of competitive sport!
Sorry, I had to take a selfie to document the one and only time they'll let me wear the uniform.  I didn't want to ask the other players to take one for me =/
Won one match, then got raped big time.

See you soon folks!  I'm expecting news from Amanda (after your exam) and Ken Chong wherever he may be!