Friday, January 20, 2017


Still waiting for some blog updates!

Nothing much going on over in Scotland except that I am still cold every day (I am weak). I'm about 75% of my way through my basic doctor training stuff and will be done in July. After that don't know what I'll be up to yet but I'm currently going through interviews.

I had 4 months earlier this year in microbiology where I didn't seen a single patient and spent my days looking at these things. 10/10 would do again.

Also did hiking and stuff when the weather was better and hung out with cows.

 Been to two weddings in the past few months and by my count I have three this year!! Ken and Amanda you better start planning your wedding early so I can prepare.

And of course the Christmas is still up and won't come down till I move out in June probably.

here's the view from my window in case you guys didn't see it properly!

Till the next time Amanda is free enough to talk to us!


Sunday, August 07, 2016

Yearly Update (still more frequent than Ken + Amanda)

It's been a while (on the blog at least!) I know we talk but would be nice to keep each other updated on other stuff as well right KEN AND AMANDA??

Anyway, I've just finished my F1 year as a doctor, which is basically my probational year and now that I've finished it I'm officially fully qualified but still way way junior. Not like Amanda, she's a big boss. Here's a quick recap of some random stuff:::

Our Christmas tree this year! We were living in a kind of small flat, and we weren't sure whether we could buy a bigger tree so we settled on this one. It was tiny but cute. As you can see fully loaded with ornaments and we were afraid it couldn't support the star. It stayed up until March I think cause we were too lazy to take it down. 

This was sometime in December. I've never had a car in this country before so I  never knew what people meant when they say your car gets frozen. I look like I'm laughing here cause it was the first time it ever happened to me and I thought it was funny. I wasn't funny the next few times. Imaging finishing a long shift and it's 11pm and you walk outside and you car door is frozen so you can't get in.

And the windshield is all frozen so you can't see anything and ya gotta defrost it before you can go anywhere!!

My only real holiday - went back to Malaysia in Feb for CNY. Here is a picture of the two great Kens. Legendary. 

Went for a weekend trip to Yorkshire Dales with old St Andrews friends - which of course includes DHARMA. We went to climb one of the 3 peaks of Yorkshire Dales. Dharma thought it was a 'hill' and after seeing it he still said it was a 'hill'. It's that thing which is covered in snow btw.

So I didn't expect it to be snow as well, so I wasn't very well prepared. I went up in sneakers and almost died slipping on the ice and stuff, but we made it to the top and I thought I was gonna lose my hands to frostbite. There's Dharma on the right and Amanda/Elizabeth may recognize other special guests Nabeel & Say How.

Another of my achievements - making noodles during night shifts using a microwave machine. 

So yeah fully qualified now and have certs to prove it!

* * *

So I've just moved to Glasgow last Wednesday for another year (it's called FY2). I'm doing medical microbiology at the moment, which is the best job I've ever had =].  Gotta start applying for training posts for next year already and gonna have to decide what to do. I'm actually still considering pathology but all my friends still think I'm joking about it. 

Apart from that my life is pretty much the same!  Look forward to coming back to Malaysia in a month where Ken and I will be suiting up for the wedding. Amanda are you suiting up with us?


Saturday, August 06, 2016

George was here in Austin, TX.

so last week, my bro came to visit! he was here in the States for 2 weeks on a business trip and he managed to get a day off so we flew him to Austin. I think he got a brief overview of what Austin is like and he had a great time! I def miss him & family back home, whom I have not seen in over 3 years! some pictures from his trip: 

@ The Capitol

Brother & dad @ Austin 360 Bridge

us on Downtown 6th street, just one night before the crazy shooting!

Sunday, November 01, 2015


Happy Halloween from the happy Hulk, the sleepy mummy & the cheap CGI werewolf!

30 min into chat; Ken asks, "Hey where's Amanda." Where have you gone amandaaa

Thursday, September 17, 2015


So, everyone's busy working, eh?
How fast time flies! It's been 2 1/2 years since I've been here in America and to see what has happened or is happening  to Malaysia right now, is sad. I'm kinda glad none of BERK lives in KL, atm! :)
But I do hope everyone else out there is safe!
Not much has been happening, I recently moved down South & I'm living with family again. My dad & stepmom are going to takeover a Chinese restaurant, hopefully real soon & I'll help out there while going to school, as well. Classes this semester aren't too stressful yet but I'm learning to cook! For finally, I know. Haha. It's a Basic Food Prep class & right now we are learning to practice our cuts/dicing and making stocks. We'll start to make real dishes in the coming weeks, I'm excited for that! Who knows if I may end up finding a new passion?! Haha. Josh & I made some Chicken Cordon Bleu and Asparagus with Egg and Chorizo for dinner last week (with my dad, stepmom & step uncle). They all said it was pretty delicious for our first try! My step uncle is a really good cook, btw!

Not much going on with my life right now apart from school, badminton & watching Netflix! Haha, if any of you need a good laugh, try watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! It's hilarious, I promise. 

Anyway, I hope y'all are doing great in life & enjoying the work scene. I miss our adventures together! We need to plan one real soon! and Oovoo too!