Thursday, December 07, 2006

We are back from Genting!!!

Lazy to reblog everything which happened there so i shall just share with you the most memorable moments.


15. The RM 46++ per person buffet we had for dinner.
14. Trying to break the high score in Photo Hunt.
13. Freezing to death while playing 'Bluff' in Starbucks.
12. Chee June being attacked in Snow World.
11. Chee June's consistent bowling abilities.
10. Getting a sunburn. O.o and go-karting XP.
9. Taking a picture of each of us jumping in the air in front of the fountain at night.
8. Elizabeth trying to grab hold of my chair in the swinging ride while in the air.
7. Chee June and her trademark 'V' pose on the flying coaster while everyone else (Eli, Ken, Yenny) did a 'Loser' one. (they told her already one)
6. What were Keegan and JM doing in the toilet i wonder? XP
5. Chee June and June and the scary Stalker Conwoman.
4. Playing the Blind Man's game in the misty carpark after midnight in which i collided into 2 cars.
3. Elizabeth and Keegan's attempt to break the record for the fastest-spinning teacup.
2. Watching the bus we were supposed to board leave right in front of us. Ken bluffing a taxi man to get a cheaper fare. haha.
1. Chee June falling down on her bum in Dinosaurland right after I asked her, "Chee June, you okay ar?" LOL!

so overall, it was quite fun, although we missed the bus. =.=" and had to buy another ticket for the next one. When Eli, Ken, Yenny and CJ reached KL (they took taxi), we just boarded the bus. T-T

ah well. going to UM this friday. T-T Keegan and JM too. Egads!