Saturday, June 28, 2014


Hi guys! Time for a random update from me, since I'm probably (finally) going to go into full exam mode very shortly.  I'm finishing the last week of my last placement for the year, then I've got about 2 weeks before my finals.  Sadly, not coming back this year, but then again none of you are around!

Here are some of the things I've been up to...

This is where we sometimes practice for exam stuff.. it's a music room in a hall, but i'm pretty sure it used to be a bomb shelter in world war II or something

Was at a BBQ the other day and it rained because this is England.  That's how you cook food when you're desperate

And i brought some satay

Took me hours to chop a billion shallots

And i had a special guest recently too

Concert which I bought the tickets to last november or something and they were sold out.  I was so excited about it, thinking that tons of people would be dying to go with me cause it's so hard to get tickets... well one year later and I found out that none of my friends even KNEW who the band was, and in the end I had to get mayu to come with me.  one week before the show I had to keep sending her youtube links to their songs, and I bet she didn't listen to them anyway!  still, i had fun though.

Mayu and I had an argument over what was the best (easiest?) way to make a melon dessert.  One is where you blend the melon and then add ice cream inside, the other is to chop melons and eat with it milk.  

Finally found a cool karaoke place in london, introduced by mayu's sister.  It's at the back of an old second hand bookstore and impossible to find.  

But you search for songs on this cool device "__". Unfortunately, they didn't have "don't wanna miss a thing" otherwise I would have brought the whole place down


Apparently this is how I take naps

So I'm currently out of London in a smaller hospital, and since I'm only there for a month we don't really bring much cooking stuff and spices so we resort to weird things.  Picture here is a medical student eating apples with peanut butter which is "normal".

Housemate was out of the house and Mayu was coming over so I spiced up dinner!

Ming Yi was in London!  What about you guys!  (Elizabeth feel free to visit again anytime haha.  Now with accommodation in London!)

* * *
Still waiting for your stories guys =P  But I know you're all probably busy with work too, so good luck getting settled in and with the grown up life!  When you get the time let me know what's been happening.. (that message was mainly for Amanda, I know you're reading this now Ken and you're very free, so blog!)

And finally, Elizabeth, Mayu gave me a shirt recently and i thought you should be the first to see

You know who the real Kal-El is.


Friday, June 27, 2014

where are the OVERDUE posts?!

dude!! Ken and Slocum, where are your posts? we're about to have our second roadtrip already and you guys still haven't blogged yet?
since I'm in a good mood, I'll blog about the Austin part! 
@LAX airport having their favorite burger and fries!

the view from LA to Austin! 

@The Capitol

awesome BBQ @The Salt Lick

revenge is sweet, sometimes :P

paddleboarding @the lady bird lake!

@In N' Out

South Congress, Austin, Texas.

Jo's Coffee (apparently it's the best coffee in Austin)

some fiesta going on next to Jo's coffee.

@The Oasis on Lake Travis

I hope you guys had fun! I did have a lot of fun and it was nice seeing you guys again!! thanks again Keegan for the thoughtful gifts (even though we have yet to play it)! can't wait for our next roadtrip!!!! :D