Monday, January 13, 2014

3rd post of 2014

hahaha. here's a few pics from my birthday celebration! 

it says "Liz Rocks!" somewhere in there hahahahah



Sunday, January 12, 2014

Monday, January 06, 2014

First update of 2014 =]

Hi guys, it's been a while (but not as long as Ken & Amanda *cough* *cough*) but here's a quick update from my side of the world (and when I was in Malaysia too haha).

A cake Mayu and I made for my housemate's bday while it was still under construction.  It was a monster as usual.  I made a cheesecake base, Mayu made two sponge cakes and we stuck everything together using nutella, covered the whole thing in whipped cream... Haha it was interesting. 

If you guys are looking for a board game to get, look no further than Shadow Hunters!!  Yes, I get my kicks out of life from board games =]  

My friend's lunch one day - it's like mini instant noodles o__O

Christmas tree (and our alcohol colleciton behind.. can't remember if I showed it before)

Back in Malaysia - I came back on Saturday night for a family dinner then had to get up 6.30am the next day for the wedding!  This is the wedding bed haha.  I'm sure you guys recognise the room? =D

I've never really realized how Chinese-y my house looks.  This is the room we used for the tea ceremony at my house!

Met up with a friend from St Andews - this is how he parks his car hahaha.  Had to climb in through the passenger seat to get in.

And then when I was driving with him, the scariest thing happened..  We were following behind this bigass trailer and then it stopped at a highway exit..  we were talking to each other so we didn't notice something was weird for a few seconds.. until the trailer started REVERSING into us.  Sad to say, our reflexes are bad and we just screamed instead of doing something useful like pressing the horn or reversing haha.  Things happened so quickly!!  Obviously the guy realized something was wrong when he ran into our car... otherwise we'd be flat now.

My exciting new year's eve involved getting up early to go somewhere and watch a fish being cut. Seriously, that was our family's plan.  "_______________"

Just got back to London two days ago.  I now have a second hand guitar courtesy of a friend.  

Actually, i should tell you guys more about the wedding!  I just need to go steal pictures from somewhere and I'll post about it when I'm free.

I'm starting on paediatrics tomorrow and it's gonna last for the next 2 months.  Yay kids!  Hope you're having fun with finals Amanda hahaha