Monday, September 30, 2013


so, i went to the MAROON 5 & KELLY CLARKSON concert at the Austin 360 Amphitheater last 2 weeks, it was so good! it could've been better if i was in the pit so i could look at Adam Levine UPCLOSE and receive a guitar from him! :( haha oh well, nevertheless it was great fun, it was outdoor and the weather was so kind, windy throughout the whole night! i'll let some pics and videos do the talking..

i didn't fall! it was a photo booth where they took a picture for you on the motorbike and printed it out on a bookmark for free!

this was the area behind the stage, booths and booze everywhere!

Quyen and I

Kelly Clarkson came on performing "Stronger". she was really good live!

this was the backdrop when she sang Mr. Know It All, i thought it was pretty cool!

and then finally..

ADAM LEVINE! ok i have to admit he didn't look as hot in that Hawaiian shirt lol

but when he removed that ridiculous shirt.....

say wha-aaat!

and if you look closely, Adam's crotch area was all wet. hahaha he said it was all sweat and asked the girls not to stare at it!

if only i took this photo. 

started off with One More Night

short cover of Daftpunk's Get Lucky

encore with Payphone

serenaded me with his amazing voiceeeeee <3 <3 hahaha

that's about it, looking fwd to our next oovoo session! 


Saturday, September 21, 2013

update from the lab!

hi! this will be a short update with pictures stolen from the internet. have no idea how to transfer pictures from my phone and ipad without a cable haha.

so for the past month, i've been stuck in the lab almost everyday. my project is a plant based one so i've been playing with lots of these:

not the plant i'm working on sadly.

and doing this:

the only colors i ever see on my plates are green and brown :(

not to mention, carrying these every day:

and spilling them everywhere initially hahah

but for most of the time, I'm actually in front of this, waiting:

HPLC machine.
this one looks very similar to the ones in my lab.

and that's all! hahah despite the long hours, it has been quite fun so far!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

the promised post

as promised! i shall blog. lol.

so. what have i been up to in the past month?

well, after my disastrous obstetrics and gynaecology exam (frankly speaking, i didn't really care how i did during and after the exam because i was really exhausted from all that intense cantonese counselling training), i went to krabi for four days with 2 of my malaysian dental friends.

krabi was awesome. beaches were pretty. people were EXTREMELY friendly. we kept getting discounts right, left and center just by trying to flirt with them in thai. LOL. shopping was pretty good too. there were a lot of malaysians around, so much so that a lot of the thais we met knew some malay. there was even one restaurant that had a malaysian flag on its wall so as to attract tourists.

we got to ride on an elephant. super fun. got to sit on its head while it took us on a trek into the jungly parts. almost rammed into a spider the size of our face! and we managed to pluck some langsat to eat.

we also went kayaking for an entire day. really fun. met some friendly tourists from canada, china, vietnam and malaysia. we went into some cave and saw some cave paintings too.

had my first pedicure. LOL. felt weird having someone touching my toes and scrapping nails and stuff. went for thai massage twice. painful in the beginning but felt good after. could hear the cracking of my aging joints with some of the manoeuvres.


Island-hopping on a longtail boat

Admire my pedicured feet LOL

after krabi, was home for 1.5 weeks. spent most of my time at home. did manage to climb broga hill with keegan and yin lin though! really fun!! we should do stuff like this more often la haha. i think it was yin lin's first time overcoming such obstacles. as for me, i was embarrassingly extremely afraid of the bees. -_- darn it! should have picked another hill had i known they had bees. nice to see keeg's parents again. keegan tried to boil eggs with the microwave. not exactly very successful.
Keegan's boiled eggs

Yin Lin's um..

Playing dead


We had to climb rocks

At the final station

We meant to the tag the bottle on the left as Ken and between us as Eli :P (BERK)

3 of us

Yup, we had Keeg's fave chicken rice on the way back

too bad we didn't get to take a pic with aunty and uncle.

got to meet up with yen wei, chee june, ze yen and co the day before returning to hong kong. :) too bad didn't get to sing k or anything. better than nothing la.

so back to school now. currently 2.5 weeks into pediatrics and enjoying it. kids are fun to play with, especially when the rounds get boring. got to be childish. whooooo. i hope you guys will get married and have babies quick so that i can play with your kids. <3 lol.

hope everyone is well and happy la. haha! i don't have much material to blog actually. :P

happy mid-autumn festival! hope you all got mooncakes to munch! oo! speaking of which, i bought some back for my friends, opened them and shared with some of them 2 weeks ago, wanted to give the other half to some other friends yesterday, and found out that the mooncakes had turned moldy. omg. first time seeing moldy mooncakes. disgusting.

kk done blogging! love you all!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

random bits of summer

Hi guys!  As you know, I'm back in the UK, so it's time to get on with our plan for world domination.

While waiting for Amanda to get on with her stories about Thailand and her holiday, and KEN CHONG TO TALK ABOUT HIS LIFE IN GENERAL, enjoy these random things from my holiday!

So  this year was the first time I celebrated ghost festival (semi)-properly at my grandma's house:


Also played my first round of 18 hole golf and got destroyed.  
Making golf carts look dorky since 2013.

 And made the famous trip to Broga Hill.  I WILL LET AMANDA TALK MORE ABOUT SINCE IT WAS HER TRIP!
Official BERK picture =]  You know who the water bottles are haha.

So I got back to London on Sunday, and Mayu was there.  At first I thought I was going to have a nice quiet lunch with here, but she threw me a surprise birthday party and managed to find a few of my friends from London (that she didn't really know).  Very touching.

Just having my orientation week, so it's a pretty soft and easy start.  Won't be doing real work for another 2 weeks or something muahaha.  

So when's the next oovoo session? xD  

Also, where is Ken Chong and Amanda!!