Monday, June 09, 2008

since nobody wants to blog.....fine, I'LL do it!ahhaha..things to blog about
#1 American Idol Season 7 Finale was goooooood...David Cook won! woohoo..
parts i liked about the show, michael johns & carly duet, the love guru..hahahah!, jason castro-hallelujah :) d.c. n zztop although they look weird with their beard..haha..d.a. n one republic although d.a. was more like a backup singer..go download "Hello" n "Time Of My Life" by David Cook! oh n not forgetting, Renaldo Lapuz "I Am Your Brother"! hahahaha.

#2 Indian pervert molesting a chinese girl..
bloody hell, i was on the RapidKL..there was this indian guy (student) sitting opposite me.,beside him was a chinese girl, asleep..this fella's hands were crossed and i thought it was kinda weird since he had a bag in front of him..but i didnt care abt it at first..after awhile, i saw his hand trying to touch the girls bum..then i think he saw me looking or i looked away..awhile later, he tried to touch her breast and he did! the girl woke up and instead of changing place or screaming, she jus folded her arms to protect her breast n went back to smart? even if she was dead tired, she could at least shove him off or something..she jus continued her beauty sleep..moments later, the bloody perverts hand started touching her again..i really didnt know what to do..shout? oh well, too late..haha i got off at mid valley stop n that pervert got off as well..i didnt turn back and ran all the way to work..hahahaha..what the f*ck! damn effin disgusting..UGH..moral: don't sleep in the bus no matter how tired you may be!

i dont have a pic of it of course..hahaha but here's roughly what it was like :P

yellow arrow-where i was sitting
green arrow-dumb pervert sitting

blue arrow-victim was sitting

#3 for those of you who know im working, sry i cant get anymore discounts..i already bought a pair of Adidas Original Superstar 2.5 (#665591) with 40% discount..wakakaka..the original price was 279.90, i bought for 167...heheheh..

this is the adidas storeroom where we take shoes n clothes from..hahha its damn small as you can see..and damn high..the alley there is only meant for one person to cross..if there's 2 person, one has gotta take a deep breath for the other to cross..hahah im not joking..n the clothes are always untidy..only girls are supposed to tie them up and stack them nicely again and they're only 2 girls =.= made few good friends there..all of them are gonna stop work end of this month or by next month! haha but im the first :P i stop this thursday, 12th june..weeee! working is not fun..haha..

#4 supposedly someone(who's that?) from BERK (what's that?) is coming back from somewhere(I don't know where) this coming Saturday (when's that?)...ahahahaha i actually saw this someone's grandparents in mid valley today but didnt approach them in case they didnt recognize me..hohoho...

who's that noob? what's he wearing?!

#5 found some interesting photos from genting 06'...hahahha..

CHEE JUNE..alamak! hahaha..

who's this huh??

YENNY HIEW looks happy! =P

noob, what are you trying to do? hahaha..nice shorts :PP
STOP LOOKING AT MY FUGLY SHOES! i know they are fugly okay..

when there's funny pics, there's bound to be funnier pics rite? hahahah..

attempt #1 ?

attemp #100? =P

#6 for jia min, don't know if you still remember this, but take a look at what i found..hahaha

#7 oh yaaa, the Big Mac Chant..hahaha how many of you actually tried?? :P
"two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" in 4 seconds..nyehehehe..

i tried the first time and i got 1 out of 2..hahahah i stuttered for my first try but got thru the second one though :D

these are 2 of my college frens enjoying their FREE big Mac! ahaha..

the photographer wanted to remain anonymous..but this was his big mac..haha if you're wondering why there's 3 big macs, we had 4 coupons..i wasted one, n the guy in red n white(khairul) got 2 plus 1 of mine = 3 free big macs..i gave mine away..hehe..

that's allllll........kungfu panda, cant wait to watch!! lets go outt!! hahahah CYAA!

ps: italy vs holland at 2.45am, who's watching??