Tuesday, May 05, 2015

a little update.

ok, it's time for a little update, I suppose. as most of you have seen on Facebook...something changed in my life, haha. but I'm still the same person, don't you worry! :)

Josh & I met slightly over a year ago & have been talking ever since, almost every day except for when I decided not to talk to him. he was still in a relationship when we we started talking, but we were just friends, then. we got pretty close and it took us awhile to realize that things had to change, if we both wanted to be happy. well, mostly me. I did not want to be a third-wheel (eventhough they broke up, I still felt like one) and I was willing to give up everything I had for him, if he still wanted to work things out with his ex. they had their problems together but I could tell that he was torn and undecided, at times. I told him I would always be his friend and I was there for him, especially when he was hurting and trying to find himself. 
it took us almost a year to work things out and finally, he got over his past and told me that he would like a start a present & future with me. trust me, I was as surprised as anyone of you, when he showed me that card. I haven't told anyone much about us because in the past, even though he made me the  happiest girl on Earth, he also made me sad, at times. but I don't blame him for that. it was mainly because of his ex, in the picture. I don't know exactly what the future holds, but I do hope it'll be a great and awesome one. I guess the "just friends" thing didn't work out for us.

there you go. :)

@Yellowcard's concert.