Sunday, March 09, 2008


1. Real name ~ elizabeth wong w.l.
2. Nickname ~ rollerbuzz

3. Married ~ yes!
4. Male or female ~ Female
5. Highschool ~ sri garden

6. College ~ badminton college..hahaha..
7. Short or long hair ~ long..
8. Are you a health freak? ~ not at all..
9. Height ~ 170cm
10. Do u have a crush on someone ~ crush, no..
11.Do u like yourself? ~ duh
12.Piercings~ ears..
13.Righty or lefty~ lefty ruless


14. surgery~ none
15. piercings~ baby
16. person you see in the morning~ depends where im staying..
17. award~ err dunno..
18. sport you joined~ badminton
19. first pet~ dog?
20. first vacation~ singapore or thailand maybe..
21. concert~ westlife
22.Crush~ dont remember..


24.Drinking~ nothing
25.Im about to ~ sleep :D

Your future...

26.Want kids~ yeap
27.Want to get married~what? dun get married n have kids mehh?? tat's sad..hahah.. in mind~badminton player

Which one is better...

29.Lips or eyes~eyes??
30.Hugs or kisses~either is fine..
31.Shorter or taller~taller..
32. Romantic or spontaneous~ both..
33.sensitive or loud~ sensitive..who likes loud ppl?? hahaha..
34.Trouble maker or hesitant~hrmmm...

Have you EVER...

35.Kissed a stranger~ err no..
36.Drank bubbles~ in a drink yea, but not soap bubbles!
37.Lost glasses/contacts?~ nop..
38.Ran away from home~ nop..
39.Liked someone younger~ by months..
40.Liked someone older~ yea..
41.Broken someone's heart~ errr i dont know..
42.Been arrested?~ a few my dreams!
43.Cried when someone died~ yea..
44.Like a friend?~ always like my friends..

Do you believe in....

45.Yourself?~ yea
46.Miracles~ dunno..haven't experienced one..
47.heaven~ yea.
48.Santa claus~ no..
49.Angels~ yea.

Answer truthfully

50.Is there one person you want to be with right now?~ ahahah...hrrmmmm maybe..
51.Do you believe in God...~ yeah
52.Tag 5 people~ amanda, keegan, ken, jia min, tzu ken!