Wednesday, June 26, 2013

sawadee ka!

I'm back from fatigue-ness! 
I'm the only one who hasn't updated so sorry, was really really busy over the weekend! brought my Thai friends to both @live KL and Sunway (they're closing down end of June cos they changed owners), Genting, Singapore and Bukit Bintang/KLCC. barely had any sleep the past 5 days, but it was all fun so it's good :)

surprisingly Singapore skies were so clear when we were there! don't know why nobody believed me when I said there was very little haze during the weekend, just because Muar's API went up to 700+ doesn't mean Singapore will be as bad! 

 look! no filter.

that's us :)

Keegan you'll be alone in KL. no one will
be around unfortunately. hahaha..

Thanks alot for arranging a "normal" bed for me to sleep in Slocum, haha! can't wait!!! :D

Ken sorry we didn't get to meet in sg! haha see you soon!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

medicine and watermelon!

i just finished my internal medicine rotation exam!! :D woohoo! it's considered one of the toughest rotations of the year with a relatively high failure rate. i got lucky because my patient's very cooperative and my examiners were quite benign so i think i prob passed (hopefully!).

weather here been crazy hot and humid (alert elizabeth wong! wear as little as possible lol! pack light :P and settled room issue so there's room for us if you really don't mind squeezing; yay!). but the sky has been really clear so good weather for outdoorsy stuff. and ice creammm!!!

watermelon popsicle while studying indoors on a bright shiny day! yum yum!

but it rained today and typhoon no.3 was hoisted. we were worried our exam might be cancelled. the typhoon is common over the summer. if it's typhoon no.8 we have to stay home and the public transport might not work. classes get cancelled and stuff woohoo. i think it was only recently when typhoon no.10 was hoisted for the first time in more than 10 years. really strong wind, i thought my hall would collapse lol.

sang more than 3 hours of karaoke with phyllis just now. not sure if you guys remember her, but we went to langkawi together about 3 years ago? :P she stayed over at my house for about a month.

hope everyone's well and happy! woot! i can rest for one more day before i start obstetrics and gynaecology on monday. i want a real holiday so friggin' bad. T.T


Friday, June 21, 2013

master of procrastination

Sorry to hear about the haze guys =[

Nothing much going on here at the moment except that I am supposed to be studying!  But Mayu gave me Game of Thrones a while back and I finally read it and now I'm hooked.  I got the other books in the moment of weakness (read: sale) and now I have enough to distract me from work!

So just checking - who's around when I come back this year??


Thursday, June 20, 2013


the haze here is getting really bad. the pollution index went up to almost 400 (>300 is hazardous) at one point and everything is really blurry. it's just like genting but with the smell of smoke everywhere. 

a worker in the hospital even collapsed from asthma due to the haze!

eli, if you're planning to come to sg, buy masks! this one is good:

got a free one at the hospital. it filters the smoke really well but is grabs your face really tightly hahah.

hope the situation here improves soon.

that's all. bye!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

week 2!

so, man of steel was a major letdown. boo! the acting in the beginning was horrible, so fake! I'm pretty sure BERK could've done better! 

haven't been up to much lately, my good friends from Bangkok will be in KL tomorrow so my whole weekend is for them. they were the ones who brought me around every day during my 2-week stay in Thailand, that's the least I could do! will be going to Singapore for the weekend, how's the haze btw ken? haha. we bought our tickets before the haze even existed, hope it's getting better! if not....

Slocum, how's the room issue going? remember I need a place to stay when I visit! :p

Keegan, what've you been up to?


Saturday, June 15, 2013


yay one cycle is completed for this week! haha lets see how long this will last! yes Slocum you better take some time off, you have a dying patient here which is more important! Keegan you look like you're enjoying the pain in that photo, won't be visiting London any time soon :(
and ken I will be free after the 24th. yin lin will be around til the 25th if I'm not mistaken. I'll see you in Singapore first next Saturday! :D

went for Korean food at Uncle Jang in Puchong. such an ulu place, took us more than an hour to look for it! thank God the food is good!

i forgot what the dish is called. damn..but there's chicken, cabbage, sweet potato and ken's favourite rice cake in it! (y) (y)

thats us still with our bibs, 23 years later. :)

man of steel tonight! 


Friday, June 14, 2013


hahahaha ok ok i'll blog! here's a super short post:

nothing exciting happening here except that work is ending!
have been working at my university's hospital for about 5 weeks and next week will be my last.

will be back in malaysia soon.
eli when free?!

that's all!
btw i suggest changing the rule to one post per year. hahah
and no photoshop pic this time but i like this the best:


the prodigal son returns

Well hello guys, it's nice to see you all back here again.

Here's where I'll bring whoever comes to London next!!

Btw that isn't a look of happiness, it's me screaming in pain like a wuss cause the claw was freshly served and it was burning my fingers..

I'm looking forward to hearing from KEN CHONG, may he present us with another photoshop masterpiece =]


Thursday, June 13, 2013

a post a week

we have, hereby, committed to writing one post per week each. (ken, take note, kennn!!! and maybe keegan too lol).

so my post  for the week (lol). er. i have my internal medicine exam next saturday. basically what happens is we are given one hour to clerk a patient (figure out his problems and how to help him, perform physical examination etc) and then 2 high-rank docs/profs will grill us for 20 minutes to see if we are safe to pass. we have quite a number of intimidating docs here and whether you pass or fail depends on the student factor (how dumb i am), patient factor (how difficult the patient is) and examiner factor (there are some who are known to fail anyone, or rather everyone, no matter how good that anyone usually is).

super stressed now, super a lot to study.

weather in hong kong has been rainy on most nights and really good during day time. my classmates and i tend to look out into the blue sky a lot while walking to and fro hospital or from within the hospital through the glass windows and sigh, thinking, why the hell are we stuck here in the hospital when everybody else gets to enjoy the sunshine... (i want my summer break...)

hoping to escape and do more exploring when eli comes over to hong kong. woohoo!

so that's all from me folks. ;)

btw, i think the photo of us in the pool place is prob the last complete berk photo we've taken? :( we should take one before eli leaves for the states lor.

hope everyone's well and happy.



down memory lane.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

testing from blogger app!

oooo la la!

E you stil got a moustache don't you?
hahaha BERK lives for now. start off with this awesome song first 
Fall Out Boy feat. Sir Elton John - Save Rock and Roll \m/

Happy Dumpling Day/Festival! got some dumplings in my fridge, want some?
it was really awesome to read back out old posts from this abandoned blog, hahah the stuff we did back then, the stories we wrote, the videos we took! how time flies and now we're all over the world! literally.

i don't even remember half the stuff which we wrote. K sorry for making you go through the dumpster at school, that i can remember very well! =P but it was fun, no? hahahahahah. E, whats wrong with the description page? it looks fine to me!i need to add something to make this post complete!

and B i know you like this masterpiece of yours which you made 7 years ago, hahahah please blog at least ONCE a week!

so yeah, i'll be flying off to the US on the 21st July! i wont be able to see you before i leave K and i wont be flying through London, i'll be stopping at Tokyo first then to US. gonna be stuck in Tokyo airport this time, it was the subway the last time, remember?! when will i ever get to see the real Tokyo... hint hint.
i'll get to meet B and E before i leave but on separate occasions though! so i dont exactly know when our next reunion will be, it'd be a good thing to keep each other updated via this abandoned blog! =)


BERK lives again!

again! woooooo! we're grown ups now. lol. so it's time to start blogging like one. ;) *cough.

happy dumpling day!



ps: first to revive old blog. ooohhh yeahhhh!

pps: we need to do something about our descriptions page. O.o