Monday, July 31, 2006


Hi! It's Ken again. I made this today.

Please enjoy!


bebeth, ken, kee and i wanted to go to the funeral... but in the end only 5 K1 students allowed to go..

that should be the way anyways...

may he rest in peace.


there are so many events in conjunction with national day. choir comp., class decoration, deklamasi puisi (we want jun keit back! >.<), essay writing, flag colouring.. oh well, the likes.

for some reason, our class isnt as enthusiastic abt it as b4.


cannot cannot! we have to show the power of 4 sc 1! muahahahha. good luck keegan XP

cool or what? :P

Saturday, July 29, 2006

omg, look at this poser....

and this is what he commented on his own pic...

"Since lots of ppl said its nice...Might as well post...Haha...Long time nvr post pics dee lu...Well...Hope u guys like it...=p"

Rest In Peace Wen Jie/Ah Kit



Thursday, July 27, 2006

right i almost forgot, Get Well Soon JIA MIN! WE MISS YOU!

FINALLY, mY piano exam is O-V-E-R!!! ahahaha... >.< Mr. Aaron Shorrs... it all depends on YOU!! :P

my bro just reformatted my comp and i dont have msn right now... sigh...

read this:

The Men's Singles event was a much awaited match at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavillion yesterday, as bitter rivals Lin Dan (CHN) and Lee Chong Wei (MAS) once again battled for not only the title of Macau Open champion but also the determinant for the position as world no. 1. Lin Dan started well by taking the first game at 21-18. But Lee Chong Wei's resilient fighting spirit and skillful play leveled-up in the second game, 21-18. Despite that both players showed imminence level of skill, it was Lin who had a slight edge over Lee, won the third game and emerged as champion. It was a double joy for Lin Dan as he not only won the title in the inaugural Macau Badminton Open 2006 but also regained his spot as world no. 1 in the IBF ranking.

bored bored.... anyway, tomorrow's supposed to be Wen Jie's birthday... well hope a miracle happens =) God Bless...

HELP im so bored...
i've got movies to watch but there's no programme to play the movie yet :(
arrrrghhh.. signing offffffff


Thursday, July 20, 2006

what is the world really becoming i wonder... first, tsunami kills 500 over people... overheard a lady crying complaining to the guards about i-dunno-what.. something about robbers beating up her children.. all i could hear from her were sobs and "kenapa tak jaga?" repeated over-and-over again.. and now.. a form5 student of SSG getting knocked-down by a Pajero supposedly and currently is in a critical condition.. although i dont know him but i knew who he was..

May the Lord be with Wen Jie..




Wednesday, July 19, 2006

hahah it's not my fault keegan!! i swear i saw you looking at me when i threw the paper into the bin!! LOL!! hahah when we met pn Rokiah on the way, she asked "nak pergi mana?", we answered "nak cari sampah".. hahahaha >.<>.<' lol it stinks really bad im telling youh.... uhhhhh... check this site out... quite interesting... hahaa...




Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Thanks to Elizabeth, we both ended up digging through the huge rubbish bin in the carpark. All started with the form to sign up for the MUN conference, I was trying to get people to join...but no one wanted to. I kept bugging people so Elizabeth threw it away.

She thought I saw but i didnt =_=

So when Amin came to get the form, she realised she threw it away earlier. Then she realised that the cleaner just cleared out the rubbish bins. So we went to dig through the black plastic bags at each floor.

Then she said we should go to the cleaner's headquarters.....i never heard of such a place till today. When we got there, we asked where the rubbish for the 4th floor was. The guy told us that the cleaner just brought it to the carpark. We ended up running to the huge dumpster in the carpark, only to find the cleaner already threw it away.


We actually went into the huge dumpster just to find the freaking form =_=
In the end we got it....but it stank and was wet...but we didnt care xD

..and i still cant get people to join..


Sunday, July 16, 2006

this is 2 of the most amazing and realistic magic-trick videos i've ever seen.. hahaha watch!...

why ken never post anything wan?
ahahah every day silkroad silkroad only... lol..

oh ya amanda, lee yong dae wasnt there ler.. hahahaha make fun of you oni! :P they were north korean players, not south! xD
chong wei was there for sure.. haha he was playing doubles with Uncle Looi against jack n i forgot who..
speaking about jack, he asked me to prepare for this coming friday's training coz he's gonna play singles with me... omg.... i dont' wanna get thrashed 21-0 in front of so many people >.<
training on friday was horrible! footwork for half an hour non-stop and later some programme which involved footwork again and then........ FROG JUMP.... up.... the.....STAIRS!! ARRRRGHHHH and my legs are still shaking!!!! anyway what happened on friday was mentioned... pirates was alright.. saturday..... nth happened... well at least i dont remember.. hahaha... i wanna watch Just My Luck, The Click, Take the Lead, Nacho Libre :)

MORIOKA (correct spelling ah? :P) HERE KEEGAN AND I COME!!! XD


I woke up super early today because i thought i was supposed to go for something...only to find out that it's actually next week =_=
what a waste of time...

so after my parents gave me dirty looks (i made them wait 4 hours for nothing), they brought me to someplace near central market for some famous gu bak hoon. But i had chicken rice anyway..

So on the way out, there was some big problem with all the parking tickets cause some people cant just cooperate. This guy jammed the whole ticket machine, and refused to listen to another guy who tried to help him. In the end, there was a long line of pissed off people o_O. So about half an hour later, somebody shows up. And it turns out the other guy was right about fixing the machine, and he starts yelling at the idiot.

And on the way out, a huge jam in the actual parking lot because everyone wants to get out. And some people up in front didnt bother to line up to pay tickets because they thought the line was too long. So my mom got pissed and got out of the car to sort out the mess ( yell at guards and inconsiderate people who mess up )

Another half hour wasted just trying to get out of a parking lot.

Then on the way back, my dad felt like punishing anyone who didnt follow traffic rules. There were a huge group of pedestrians trying to cross the road....when it was a green light. Everyone thought my dad was going to stop for them but he wasn't going to. When they realized he meant business, they started running back. You should have seen their faces.

When he was horning some guy who suddenly did a crazy u-turn, there was a group of ang mos in a van in front who turned around with a camera. I swear he was trying to take a picture of our number plate, cause he had a huge grin plastered on his face. My mom thinks he was taking a picture of the scenery.


What scenery??!!

At least I got some weird souvenirs for my Japan trip (oh yeah, I'm going to Morioka in September...possibly spending my birthday there), since I had free time while waiting for the whole ticket machine mess.


haha! haven't been blogging here much lately >.<

on friday, bebeth, kee, ken, me, yenny, tzuk and boonz went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2!!

it rocked!

u have to watch it.

i mean it.

simply fantabulous.

once you are done with that movie,

u have to watch pirates of the caribbean 3.

i mean it.

u want me to spoil pirates of the caribbean 2 for u?


ok, pirates aside,



bring back lots of souvenirs! and pictures! and jap. snacks!


speaking of japan, jia min and ze yen are in japan rite now. hope they have fun and not get lost.. hope jia min isnt silly enough to kidnap tatsuki sugaya (is this how his name is spelt?) into that HUGE and i mean HUGE luggage bag of hers.


i bet they'll be happy to see that most of the japs there are at their level in terms of height.


heehee. dun whack me ya?

YEs JIA MIN I want your BALLACK TOP UP CARD!! hahahaha i know you're in japan right now, i've saved some Orlando Bloom cut-outs for you so you better trade! XD


Monday, July 10, 2006

check out the FIFA Player of the Year 2006! ahahahah =P

"After watching Zidane headbutt Materazzi after seemingly little provocation last night, there is a question begging to be asked. Did Zidane spend his five years in Spain living with bulls? Maybe Materazzi didn't say anything but Zidane merely got a clear view of the red part of the Italian crest on his shirt. I genuinely feared for the referee's life when he produced the card."


i think zizou did that headbutt on purpose so he'd leave in a more memorable way.. hahahah ppl would remember him better =P

football fever is OVER.. but Ballack fever is NOT!! hahahah...


Thursday, July 06, 2006

i'm going Ballack-crazy seriously.. hahaha.. :) he's mine all mine :)
going to Sri Cempaka for Inter-private school badminton competition tomorrow.. skipping school! woohoooo...



Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ah well, thanks to some people my sis found out already.

Don't kill me che I'm really sorry!!!

The following post is dedicated to:
My iPod video
11 May 2006 to 1 July 2006
You were loved and will be missed by many

To the bastard who has my iPod, when I DO freakin find out who you are and you don't give it back, I'll make sure you get what's coming for you.

Anyone who has any idea where it went, please tell me or help ask around....thanks.


Monday, July 03, 2006

IU day is finally over!!! alright.. but too tired to bother. omg. enough carnivals pls! >.<


we langkawi ppl were overworked!! i bet the others were too! the opening ceremony sucked. school song was remixed, negaraku started late, noone knows how to sing the interact song... ah well, forget that. the games stalls were the most popular. apparently, everyone wants to win the terapin =.=" elizabeth's coconut stall (drink a coconut within 10 seconds) was the most popular. yenwei emerged tops with 6 secs. zheng hong's bro also.

saw a lot of ex-form fives.

keegan lost his ipod!!!! hahahahaha... kesian betul! wait, i should actually feel sad.. i had been quite close to the ipod which teman-ed me every morning when my brain is not really functioning... :'(



the moment is gone.

anyways, after iu day we went to watch the worst show in the world in times square and IT"S NOT MY FAULT LA :P no other shows already! all sold out!!! >.<

bloody stupid show. ugh. rated F i tell you! miss chin drove us to time square btw! so nice of her! :P oh, and she and bebeth are fighting over ballack. =.="

after that, we ate dinner at soo kee. yen wei and ken ordered everything for us :P huhu... the beef noodles were fantabulous!!!! <3 jia min and keegan seemed awkward. i dun think they ate like this b4, especially keegan who most probably only went for high class dining in which one has to be in formal attire (yeah tux and all)... sigh. keegan, keegan... :P came home feeling extremely tired (reached home at abt 9. took lrt with jm).

-Ballack is Mine, not Ms. Chin's!!! [can u believe she actually fought over Ballack with me?] 'swt
-Christiano Ronaldo is HOT :P
-keegan lost his ipod.. hahaha! so sad..
-jy molested a lil' kid :P
-iu day was okay i guess, but tiring..
-working at the games booth with coconuts was fun..
-Love Undercover 3 SUCKS. worst show ever.rating Z/z or 0/100 :)
-amanda owes everyone cinema tickets money..
-keegan lost his ipod :p


Saturday, July 01, 2006

IU Day is finally over. Now so many of you people can go get some sleep.
Dunno bout the others, but i thought it went pretty well. Then again, I didn't have much to do (or i made myself free) and went wandering around and helping random people. And i kinda messed up the opening ceremony...i'm still not sure what happened but when i played the school song, Lose Control by Missy Elliot started playing in the background. And anyone who was in the hall will know how weird it sounded o_O
Some other stuff happened, like getting shot in the leg by some kid when i was walking by a darts game (i didn't know about it at all) and spilling melted ice cream all over the cooking room and mopping it up together with another person who wanted to kill me.
And just yesterday, my friend told me that my external hard drive was totally screwed, meaning i lost all my old documents, downloads and pictures. And now today, another funnny thing happened. It's like the god of electronics is messing with me.. But i'm totally fine.
I've waited since IU Day 2005 for this autograph. It's gonna be valuable!