Monday, September 25, 2006

Our Experience in Morioka..

Day 1 Summary
arrived at Narita Airport. We spent about 1 hour in Tokyo train station!!! ..took trains for ages (we got on the bullet train) and reached Morioka around 4pm. Then we rested a bit and went for dinner. Uh....met: Golf and Pub from Thailand,Nik's best friend Ylan and Vroom, from Vietnam. the Indonesians Prasti and Fauzi and 2 Koreans showed up Min Ju and Hye Heon. We went to some boring shopping mall to eat Baskin Robbins. Ice cream was much more worth it. At night, Huang and Geng Feng from China showed up.

R says: nice people :) more to come...

K says: yea yea not enough tokyo

Day 2 Summary
we all woke up late and had 10 minutes to eat breakfast. we purposely woke up late to reserve our stomach for wanko soba in the afternoon. at the wanko soba restaurant, the new zealanders arrived... HOT HOT! :P paul, aric, anna, ashleigh
the noob(keegan) ate 121 bowls of wanko soba noobles! :P (noobles are noob noodles) i only ate 46! xD
Malaysia won again!! You other noobs got served!! Later, we went for some rehearsal.... the hall was bigger than our school. Had some problems with the slide show and stuff.. At night, only the both of us went hunting for mcdonald (macadoneruuuuu). Took so long to find that place. tried asking around but they didnt understand what 'mcdonald's' was. in the end we found out it was called "mac".. just "mac".. NOOB

R says: burgers were awesome! XD

K says: i love pork burgers

DAy 3 Summary (THE DAY)
Happy birthday to ME!!!
Happy birthday to KEEGAN!
i wished keegan at 12.00.00 sharp :) hahaha he was next door fast asleep. i banged on the wall to wake him up.. hahaha =) what a good friend..
what to say bout the forum!! it rocked. your ass. Malaysia rules! our faces appeared in the newspaper except for keegans. bloody newspaper photographer. sleeping old man dont know how to take me, so sutpid, the team got 4 people but then only take 3!! why so retarded so noob so freakin noobles
fine, some other people showed up along the way, didnt keep track of them. ah we'll just name everyone from start til end.. they were:

NEW ZEALAND: Paul, Aric, Anna, Ashleigh
CHINA: Huang Yuxiao, Geng Feng
BRAZIL: Renan Tolotto
USA: Amanda, Patrick
FRANCE: Marcelle
THAILAND: Saranya Pornsiriwatak, Pub, Golf
RUSSIA: Mikhail, Maria
AUSTRALIA: 2 older people, dont remember their names :P
VIETNAM: Ylan, Vroom
KOREA: Min Ju, Hye Heon

after the forum, we had the best lunch ever! BESTEST.. haha..
I(Keegan) tricked elizabeth's fav guy into eating the evil plum stuff.. PAUL IS SO HOT :P
i hope you understand what we're trying to say. Elizabeth ate too much noobles.

to be continued . . .



Monday, September 18, 2006

now, about morioka =)

hahah just kidding =P
Ballack apologises for red card foul (although he didn't do anything wrong!)

LONDON, Sept 17 (Reuters) - Chelsea's Germany captain Michael Ballack apologised to Liverpool's Mohamed Sissoko on Sunday after he stamped on the Mali midfielder's leg and was sent off during a fiery Premier League match.
Ballack was shown the first straight red card of his career by referee Mike Riley for violent conduct six minutes into the second half.
He will miss the next three games.
The Chelsea midfielder waited outside the Liverpool dressing room to offer his apologies after the game.
"It's a bad situation for me," a softly spoken Ballack said. "It is the first straight red in my career.
"I didn't mean to injure him. I've just seen him now and I've said sorry," he added.
"In the second half these situations can happen. It was bad for me. The team worked very hard after this and we went on to win the game."
His manager Jose Mourinho said he could not be angry because it was his first direct red in a long career, a record he described as "fantastic".
Mourinho and his disappointed opposite number Rafael Benitez agreed the card was merited.
"It was a deserved red card," Mourinho said. "He told me he did not go in to hurt the guy but the rules are clear," the Portuguese coach said.
Both also suggested Sissoko might have been sent off earlier when he got away without a second booking for a foul on Frank Lampard.

hw can that friggin referee give a red card to Ballack for no reason! =.=
not surprised chelsea won =P
glad man u lost.. hahahahahahahahah NOOBS!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

My sis left for London yesterday and wont be back for another 9 months, so i shall dedicate this post to her!! Good luck, don't screw up and have fun over there! Don't forget me either..

Haha this is one of the few non-cacat pics of both of us that i have with me right now...

You were a great (most of the time) sister and i'll probably miss you eventually!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Otumoetai is a Maori word meaning 'The standing sleeping (moe) tide (tai) refers to the tide which may be rough outside the entrance but when it comes into the harbour then it's calm'.

Head Students
- for 2006 our head students are Ashleigh Davies, Anna McRae, Aric Thorn and Paul Tietjiens and Board of Trustees student representative Becky McQuoid. These five students lead the Student Executive with the support of Phillipa Perkins, Michael Ralph, Brad Mitchell, Kerry Webb, Annabel Causer, Ben Hart, Nikky Bellamy, Mark Webster, Laura Fisher and Luuka Jones. Collectively this group of 15 Year 13 students lead five committees and Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 Year Level Councils.

ahahahaha xD oh gawddddd......... i wanna go to NEw Zealand!!!


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hi!! Just letting you guys know that things are going fine. We dont really know what to get everyone so for now you all have Pocky. More stories for you when we get back!! Oh btw amanda, I won the wanko soba contest! Malaysia still rules!