Friday, January 20, 2017


Still waiting for some blog updates!

Nothing much going on over in Scotland except that I am still cold every day (I am weak). I'm about 75% of my way through my basic doctor training stuff and will be done in July. After that don't know what I'll be up to yet but I'm currently going through interviews.

I had 4 months earlier this year in microbiology where I didn't seen a single patient and spent my days looking at these things. 10/10 would do again.

Also did hiking and stuff when the weather was better and hung out with cows.

 Been to two weddings in the past few months and by my count I have three this year!! Ken and Amanda you better start planning your wedding early so I can prepare.

And of course the Christmas is still up and won't come down till I move out in June probably.

here's the view from my window in case you guys didn't see it properly!

Till the next time Amanda is free enough to talk to us!