Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Awaiting the return of Ken & Amanda

I've been having a pretty quiet month, mainly because I do quite a lot of travelling (by my standards!) for the hospital I am at and it's tiring haha.  But soon I'll be back in central London and everything will be good again.  I'm on my GP rotation, so it's pretty chill but the hours are long i.e. I can't skip out on anything cause i'm the only student in the entire building and they will pretty much notice when I'm not around.  Still have 2 weeks to go then I'm on to my most dreaded module - Women's Health =[

In the meantime here are more random snaps.

Description of a painting in the Manchester Art Galley.  I thought it was funny =/ It was raining on Valentines weekend so we scrapped our plans and Mayu and I spent a lot of time indoors.  

Went for Spanish food for dinner, Mayu started fishing out the fruit in her sangria and I didn't have the heart to stop her...  She ate them all "__"

Saw Dharma after agesss... last time I saw him was like June last year haha. This is him losing and getting punished btw =P

This is us finally discovering where the ''''burnt smell''' was coming from.  We suddenly noticed when there was a black spot on the wall, and the scariest part was that the machine is was attached to was still working.  

We and our neighbours have started our Come Dine with Me series.  It's a UK TV show where 4 strangers get together and cook dinners for each other then give each other scores.  Uh we're doing it without the scoring, but this is the dinner I have to beat cause it's my turn next!  That's homemade ice cream.  How am I supposed to compete?!

Hope you guys are all right and look forward to your BLOG POSTS (KEN AND AMANDA). Plus we need to play the cards against humanity game again with amanda present =P  


where did the party go?

it takes forever to blog from the computer! anyway the blog has been abandoned for more than a month, if me or Keegan don't step up, blogger might just delete our blog!!!!! CAN YOU READ THAT KEN AND SLOCUM??? but i forgive them both cos they'll be visiting meeeeee! wooohooo!
Keegan you have to compensate by blogging more often! :P
I was on a one-week Spring Break and i didn't do anything fun except for hiking (less than 5 minutes walk lol) up Mount Bonnell. it's the highest peak in Austin i believe and a pretty nice view!

and during the weekend, we had a crawfish boil lunch at one of my badminton friend's house, they ordered like 40lbs of crawfish shipped fresh from Louisiana that morning.