Wednesday, February 12, 2014

exam-blues ah?

can your cookies get any uglier Keegan?hahaah  and yes we have found the 4th person for our roadtrip too, Amin :) 

I had an awesome weekend last week in San Francisco, it was so beautiful and just way livelier than Austin. it was more of a sightseeing trip rather than a Chinese New Year one. it's not the same as back home I guess, usually on the first day of cny we would go to our relatives houses for lunch and just hang around. but here we all just went out for lunch on the first day of cny and collected angpaus there. everyone looked like they were doing the same thing at the restaurant, and if someone were to rob that restaurant, they'd be really rich! hahaha. anyway I had a great time out there, I wouldn't mind visiting SF again in the summer ;)

came back on Monday midnight and started class on Tuesday. went to Dallas last Friday for a badminton team competition, the ABC (American Badminton Centre) Community Cup. it was a tiring weekend but great fun! the team spirits, made some new friends, some really dishonest people on court, some weird people who asked if the drink dispenser had coffee in it when it was dispensing blue liquid (Gatorade)...and not forgetting an amazing dinner at this American French restaurant called St. Martin's Bistro or something. I had the Chilean Seabass with Lobster Bisque and Risotto, it was heavenly! 

can't wait to catch up on all my readings and plan in detail on our upcoming roadtrip! I'm SUPER excited! :D

this was the street I lived on, at the intersection between Green and Grant Avenue.

right beside this Records store.

this was Santana Row, a high-end shopping/restaurant/residential area in San Jose. about an hour's drive from San Francisco. 

Santana Row.

the best egg tart you can ever find out there! can even beat the one in HK! hahaha it's from the Golden Gate Bakery!

this is the Coit Tower.

St. Paul's Church.

behind me is the famous Crooked Street. its the worlds crooked-est street!

this is the Palace of Fine Arts, by far the most beautiful place to me! :)

and of course, the Golden Gate Bridge.

the Lands End Lookout Point.

this is the Ocean Beach, right next to the Lands End Lookout Point.

this is Sausolito, a small city about 45 minutes drive from San Francisco. it's a very beautiful city with lots of unique shops and restaurants. tourists usually rent bicycles from San Francisco and cycle here. 
balancing rocks!

Pier 39.

the Lefty's Store! :)

I always thought it was called a tram but apparently they call it the cable car. you have to ride on it at least once to say you've been to San Francisco :)

the Ghirardelli chocolate shop!


this is the famous Colorado Street in Chinatown where they always film movies.

last day in Chinatown before flying back!

the house I stayed in Dallas!


the teams: Tigers, Cougars, Warriors and Titans.

Texas Titans.

the awesome people and awesome dinner! :) the lady on my right and man on my left are the most gracious host ever, that's their house I stayed in.

back to reality! ;/


Monday, February 03, 2014

I can't believe you guys have a separate chat =[

Well since I don't seem to get any news anymore (=[ ), here's a bit of what's been going on in my life: I've just finished 1 month of paediatrics, and gonna be going on to my second month, which is in a hospital about an hour plus away, so it's gonna be greeeat.  

Here's what my housemate got me for christmas.  It's a roadkill soft toy.  It came with a death certificate and all.  I've never got soft toys from a guy before, I don't know how to feel about this =/

This is my feng shui arsenal which I had to redistribute for this coming new year =] My mom sent me a list of instructions to follow, and I was going around with a compass as usual

Mayu came over one weekend and we were thinking about going out to do stuff but in the end we got lazy and stayed home to bake what she thinks are biscuits.  Obviously the ugly ones are my doing.

NEW SUPER RECIPE FOR HEART ATTACK STUDENTS.  Mm mm can you just see what's in the tray?  Mushrooms, eggs, bacon, sausage.. everything you'd want for breakfast/brunch.  Serve with a side of fries =]  I know you guys want to know how to make it!

Went on a club trip recently - but wanted to share this.  The guy in the middle did my face and he agreed to let me do his - I guess he regrets everything!!  As you can see, my face looks awesome whereas it looks like I put purple vomit on his face hahaha.  I felt so bad.

And yesterday my housemate made me wake up early on a saturday to go support his lion dancing society.. which I didn't know existed.

What did you guys get up to for CNY?  I know Elizabeth is enjoying San Francisco =] Hope to hear from you guys, it's so quiet.