Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dunno which one of us found an amazing song!! (elizabeth la doink! =P)
Go download it!
Search for "Jose Mourinho's song" or "Jose and his Amazing Technicolor Overcoat" or just "Chelsea Song"

Jose and his Amazing Technicolor Overcoat

And you call that a performance of champions?
I am not looking at champions.(All right gaffer!)
No, it is not all right gaffer. Shut up Makelele.
I am the manager of this team and who am I?
(You are the special one!)
Yes I am the special one, but that performance was not special.
It made me laugh, and champions should not make me laugh.
If I want to laugh, maybe I'll listen to Damien doing a car insurance ad.
Damien, do it, make me laugh, now.
(Hibernian Insurance, pretty good.)
Ya, very funny. Now, Drogba, first half, pathetic.
(No no no no no no gaffer please please)

Look, if you want I can replace you. (no no)
It's no problem. (no please), I can, I can replace you, it's no problem. (no no).
I can do it., search word Rooney, thirty five half million,
(no no), no problem I can do it, I can do it, if you want me to press buy
(no please gaffer) do you want me to press buy? (no!)
Then listen to the special one. (Okay okay!) Okay.

Second half vocal exercises, midfield, now. (whoa-oh)
Very good, very good. Defence, breathe and vocal. (whoa-oh)
Very good, you are ready I think.
Shh shh okay okay okay okay.
It's time for the song. (Yeea)
Last week, shut up Drogba, last week we beat Arsenal.
And that it for you, don't look back at Wenger. (Don't look back at Wenger.)
Shut up, shut up Damien, shut up.
This week, I do for you, the special one. (You are the special one!)
I know I know, shut up, I know I am the special one,
I know I am the special one, but this week it's a very special song,
and this one is called Jose and his Amazing Technicolor Overcoat. (Yeeaa)
Shh shh shut up.

I close my eyes
And stand there grinning (whoa-oh)
We can't stop winning (whoa-oh)
You'd be grinning too
When I first came (when he first came)
I was delighted (whoa-oh)
Could have managed United (whoa-oh)
But any team will do,

I wore my coat (He wears his coat)
The world is merry (whoa-oh)
I've got John Terry (whoa-oh)
and Drogba too (go on to the eight)
Very good.

I switched them round (He switches round)
They all are hating (whoa-oh)
But I like rotating (whoa-oh)
Any team will do (Go on gaffer!)
A corner kick, is just enough
a little flick from Damien Duff
The ball flies right into the net and we are one nil up..
(1 nil/zero 1 nil/zero 1 nil/zero 1 nil/zero!!) =P

May I return (may I return)
to the be-ginning (woah-oh)
It's so easy winning (woah-oh)
when your team is blue (blue is the colour!!)
We can't go wrong (we can't go wrong),
I am in heaven (woah-oh)
Playing whatever eleven (woah-oh)
Any team will do
Now, go and be champions, be champions, good, love it,
and if you don't do it you can kill yourself, take it from me, be champions.


edited by R

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

HAHA! this is some idiotic story we wrote... in 2003! omg! its still in haha.

A Chemical Incident Version 2.0

Keegan is smart. Amanda is smarter. Keegan Lee Guan Ru is the smartest (not!). Amanda is ugly and as tall as a Bigfoot. Keegan is such a lil baby and as short as a dwarf. Perhaps shorter. Amanda looks like and old woman with glasses at the tip of her nose. Maybe she is one. Keegan has a fammy as big as a huge watermelon and a brain which is smaller than a virus.

It was a normal day in school one day until when they went to the Science lab to conduct some chemical experiments. Timothy, Ken and Keegan were making a concoction. Amanda and Elizabeth were secretly mixing some unknown chemicals in a cauldron.An insect flew and fell into Keegan's concoction and it dissolved. Timothy poured some chemicals on Amanda but instead of dissolving, she shrank.

As she did so, she accidentally knocked over the cauldron of chemicals and it poured over Keegan. Soon, Keegan began to enlarge. He stepped on Amanda instantly. But, the sole of his shoe was so big and Amanda was so small that she didn't get hurt. She quickly escaped to a hole at the wooden table.Amanda cursed and swore because her plan was foiled. She was about to pour her concoction on herself. Her concoction would make her big and give her powers.

The concoction that fell on Keegan was uncompleted and thus only made Keegan big. Meanwhile, Keegan was growing bigger to Amanda's horror so Amanda tried to climb Elizabeth's leg to reach the top of the table. Once there, she could easily concoct a new vile mixture to dominate the world.Ken quickly scooped their concoction with a test tube and threw it at Keegan. He shrank back to a normal size. Amanda was struggling to mix chemicals because she was too puny too carry a test tube.

The school was evacuated because of the dangerous chemicals. Everyone forgot about Amanda when the excitement died down. Amanda had all the time in the world to concoct a completely new mixture.Chuckling, she drank her new mixture and she started choking and coughing. When she stopped, she grew back to normal size and there was a menacing look in her eyes. She saw a rat in the science lab. She stared at it and concentrated. In a flash of magnificent light the rat blew up followed by a blood curdling laugh.

Amanda walked out of the school into the city while setting the school on fire.Keegan woke up because he heard people screaming. He immediately got up and saw the city in ruins. There, right in the middle was . Amanda!

She turned her head and saw Keegan. She immediately charged at him. With his superior reflexes, he dodged Amanda's attack. Seeing the damage Amanda caused, he knew only one thing could defeat her now. Then he saw it on the ground."Over her psycho!" Keegan yelled. Amanda turned around and screamed when she saw her . her . reflection in a mirror!!! Amanda ran away screaming.

Everybody cheered for Keegan.But that's not the end. Amanda, in her smelly hideout, performed plastic surgery on herself. She left her hideout with a new plan in mind..

ps: still in kee's hse btw.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

BERK is now in keegan's residence

Jia Min is with us.

If you want to save her from our insanity, pls hand in RM 100000000000000 ransom.

See us at Kajang. Somewhere in Kajang. Yeah.



Saturday, October 14, 2006

OMG! this is hilarious! hahahahah..

got it from

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


ps: we are making progress in the Lalang Project.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Haha i just realised why my dad was giving me a weird look just now! I went downstairs to get some acar and being a polite son, i asked whether he wanted a fork so he could share. But it kinda came out like this:

"Hey dad, you wanna fork?"



Sunday, October 08, 2006

celebrated mooncake festival wit my cousins although i didnt eat any mooncake and played candles under the "invisible" moon.. hahaha.. amanda prolly doesnt wanna give mask a chance coz she has a new love................... DOUGLAS of form5!! the prefect!! xD hahahah spread the news people....... smallville season 6, episode3 ... .can't wait! =P
did any of you watch the football international friendly between germany and georgia today?
guess who scored?!?!

Ballack!!!! and the owner of our restaurant, Schweinsteiger!! hahahaha!!
anyway all the best for exams noobs! (including myself) hahaa... can't wait for berk's trip to s'pore!


Friday, October 06, 2006

I miss the days when Mooncake Festival was a really big deal for my family and everyone would gather in my cousin's house and all the kids would play with lanterns in the garden. But all my cousins are overseas now...even my brother and sister, so my parents don't bother anymore. I celebrated by eating a mooncake by myself xD


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Attention, when you are free (or dying of extreme boredom), please feel free to check out the Hentai! link!!

And some teachers told Sheen Leng's dad some weird stories, and apparently i'm counted as one of her toyboys who pays her for sex!! hahahahhaha

And Amanda, give Mask a chance!!!

Ok, i have to go study now...o_O


PS: Happy belated birthday to my cousin Rebekah!! 24th September o_O

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

check this out .. hahahah funny stuff =p says:
elizabeth help!!! says:
help says:
help says:
help says:
help says:
wat says:
mask.... says:
goh.... says:
alert... says:
mayday mayday says:
yea ye!!

------------------------------------------- says: says:
don rther ppl see my real face....... bcoz................... says:
..... says:
i'm 2 handsome..... says:
................ says:
bye bye says:
i'm going offline says:
my head... says:
need to vomit! says:


Monday, October 02, 2006

Elizabeth eats too much NOOBLES!!!

K says:

lefties rules! says:

lol yep sure do


keegan dont be jealous k!

1. How are you feeling today? Sleeping in - postal service xD

2. Will you get far in life? Faint - linkin park.....=_=

3. How do your friends see you? Holiday from real - jack’s mannequin (what??)

4. Will you get married? Girl next door - howie day

5. Whats your best friend's theme song? Why - 98 Degrees (this song is too gay for you guys)

6. What is the story of your life? Passion - utada Hikaru

7. What was primary school like? Dui mian de nu hai kan guo lai - ah niu (so sad...)

8. How can you get ahead in life? This love - maroon 5

9. What is the best thing about your friends? Perfect moment - ??...hahaha perfect moment with you guys????

10. What is in store for this weekend? Mimpi - Daniel lee hahahha

11. What song describes you? I'll stop the world and melt with you - the cure...

12. To describe your grandparents? Dirty little secret - AAR oookaay.....

13. How is your life going? Rich girl - gwen stefani ( don't say a word)!

14. What song will they play at your funeral? Why me - Yui hahha

15. How does the world see you? Control myself - LL Cool J feat. J. Lo......damn sick

16. Will you have a happy life? Affirmation - Savage Garden

17. What do your friends really think of you? The Reason - hoobastank

18. Do people secretly lust after you? Digital love - daft punk

19. How can I make myself happy? Cubolah untuk setia - kris dayanti......o_O

20. What should you do with your life? How to be dead - snow patrol...also weird

21. Will you ever have children? Kiss and make up - funeral for a friend

ahah found this thingie from mr.hong's blog.. haha..
seems pretty interesting.. im bored.. so heck :P

Speaking Through Music?

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the questioneven if it doesnt make sense.

1. How are you feeling today? kiss goodbye-wang lee hom ..hmm...

2. Will you get far in life? ni na me ai ta-li sheng jie..

3. How do your friends see you? free loop-daniel powter (haha?!)

4. Will you get married? jiu shi ai ni-david tao

5. Whats your best friend's theme song? i dont wanna miss a thing-aerosmith.. HAHAHA KEEGAN AND AMANDA, YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT.. I HAVE THE VIDEO :P

6. What is the story of your life? jin tian ni yao jia gei wo-david tao&jolin ..

7. What was primary school like? i'm not missing you-stacie orrico. hahah...

8. How can you get ahead in life? i'm just a kid-simple plan.... oh god.. hahahahah...

9. What is the best thing about your friends? welcome to wherever you are-bon jovi . -.^

10. What is in store for this weekend? here without you-3 doors down...

11. What song describes you? first date-blink 182 (OMG!!) ahahah...

12. To describe your grandparents? one love-bob marley? hahahha..

13. How is your life going? out of my heart-bbmak

14. What song will they play at your funeral? greatest love of all-whitney houston.. whoa haha..

15. How does the world see you? angel to you,devil to me-the click five (wudya mean? -.^)

16. Will you have a happy life? if i let you go-westlife

17. What do your friends really think of you? a little less conversation-chris daughtry.. hahaha.. i talk too much? nah i dont think so ;p

18. Do people secretly lust after you? dou shi ni-guang liang

19. How can I make myself happy? jesus take the wheel-carrie underwood..

20. What should you do with your life? zhu guang wan can-gary... <- hahah romantic dinner?!_

21. Will you ever have children? keep me close- chris daughtry

sejarah essay time >V<'