Thursday, August 29, 2013


I was about to update the blog but I got distracted, stumbled across my old blog by accident and deleted it hahaha. anyway I wanted to blog about uni. (ooh-nee) some gooey sea urchin thingie which my friends made me try. 

the right one, darker orange is apparently a higher grade uni and it's 10USD/piece. one freakin' small piece! haha the left one is a slightly lower grade which is 7USD/piece. 

Apparently if they pack the uni this way (in a wooden tray) and sell it in japanese restaurants here, the restaurant owners actually catch the sea urchin and they have to ship it back to Japan to be cut open and packed like that and then shipped back here to sell. that's why it costs a bomb! lol. I had it for free! 
but i still don't like gooey uni.

anyway class has started this week, had my first class on Monday! my hospitality lecturer is so nice! she's so bubbly and experienced, makes it fun to be in her class. she reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow, haha. well she does look abit like her!

nothing much apart from that, heading this Dallas this Friday for a badminton tournament. it's been awhile since I've played in a tournament. excited and nervous at the same time! :D 


Friday, August 16, 2013

quiet here in Malaysia!

Hey guys, here's a bit of randomness, since I haven't met up properly with everyone else.  They keep taking turns going on holiday so it's hard to find them all =[  Might see them soon though.. In the meantime, here's a sad story:

Was gonna renew my passport, so I went to take a photo.  I was thinking it was looking pretty decent!

Then I went to do the immigration place, and they told me my face was too big so they made me take another photo right there and then.  

And this is what happens.

Before... and after.  Sad times.

Hope you guys are doing well!! 


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Oasis, Lake Travis

had dinner earlier at this restaurant called The Oasis which is located right next to Lake Travis. the sunset view is amazing but the food wasn't thaaaat great. it was just alright. :)

dad's photo-taking skills are not as good as mine of course.

sunset view at Lake Travis.

that's me and my dad :)

sunset-ing into the margarita.


Saturday, August 10, 2013


finally an update! hahah that was a nice birthday outing, I didn't know Ginny was there until I read this post. lol miss you guys! 

I'm bored out of my brains here in the day time, only badminton on certain days and tv is keeping me sane! lol but apart from that I'm officially an Aunt to my sisters baby boy, Max. :) <3

so overjoyed for my sis and her husband on their new addition to the family!

PS: ken, oovoo doesn't necessarily have to work on a laptop, it works perfectly fine on my iPhone ;)


Thursday, August 08, 2013


 Hi guys!  I'm back in Malaysia (and missing you guys =[ ) Have some pics from Ken's birthday yesterday.

 A notebook we got him

 Yin Lin's special present.  You jealous amanda!!

Special birthday guest of the day.  Reunited at last!

 Farewell Ken!  We'll meet again one day..