Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wow guys, where have you gone =/

Well it's been a month and I still haven't heard from Ken & Amanda. I’ll keep on believing that one day you guys will come back though..

Meanwhile in London, since my last update I’ve finished my placement on sexual health with tons of sad sad stories, but now I can talk about all things sexual for half an hour with a completely straight face.  My own personal highlight was when I misheard a guy refer to his partner as a ‘he’ and I kept asking tons of questions and the guy got more and more confused until I finally asked are you a ‘top or a bottom’.  You should have seen the stare he gave me.

Good times.

This is from a dinner I had where the theme was 'C' and everyone cooked things that started with C.  I cheated and went with chicken curry with carrots.  Other things included chips with cheese & chorizo and corn cod cakes.  See how many C things you can spot on the whiteboard haha

I had my Easter holiday recently, Mayu came down to visit and since her sister lives in London we went out a few times with her too.  We went to the aquarium..

New friend

Fish friend.

Crab friend.

And we went to a kids amusement park one day cause her sister doesn't really like scary rides.  Basically we spent the entire day standing in queue with kids and towering over everyone else (not by much).  Exhibit A; look at how many strollers are outside this restaurant. Loooooook.

Mayu and I took a trip to a completely random town on the south coast of England.  We picked it for the strangest reasons, and when I later asked people what there was to do there they told me "it's where old people go to die".  It was a really relaxing place though!  But really, it was all nice old people around.  We walked for almost 6 hours both ways to get to the place in the pic above.

Fun fact, this is the top place for suicides in europe apparently.  Was really pretty though!

And famous for the super rocky beaches.. I don't know how people enjoy it, unless they find the pain therapeutic or something.  There's no way anyone can run on these beaches..

Seen in a museum.

And in this picture is the epitome of sadness.

Hope you guys are all well! Looking forward to our oovoo session, wherever you are =S