Sunday, May 25, 2014


As the title says.  Go out and explore and see lots of new things, and take me with you.


PS: I expect a lot of blog posts incoming!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

delayed update!

hi! sorry for the much delayed update, was busy settling my employment pass application (eli i may need your internet in Austin!) and moving in after exams.

soo nothing much has happened except i'm now officially a subtenant of a HDB flat in Serangoon:

pic from internet, not exactly my block i think but it's very close to it

the new flat is really convenient as its only 20 minutes from my workplace and a 5 mins walk to a shopping mall!

 Serangoon Nex

but hanging clothes to dry here can be quite scary.

there are basically three holes outside the kitchen window where you can slot poles of about a few metres in length into. and you then hang your clothes on the poles! hahah and my unit is on one of the highest level. if the pole drops, it'll smash the cars below hahah.

bamboo poles!
it has almost been a year since we started blogging again! R and K especially hahah, thanks for the constant updates! i'll update again once i start working or if anything interesting happens.

on a separate note:

 packed bag! can't wait! 

see you soon E and R! we'll take a lot of pics for you K! haha



Thursday, May 01, 2014

just the 2...?

i guess only you and I exist here, Keegan! hahaha very interesting C's. I found cheese, candle, Charlie, cry, cowgirl, clock, caution, cupcake, candy cane, car, cacti/cactus, card, Chinese (man? lol), carrot, 2 chick (baby chicken and girl), cone, cucumber or capsicum (on the pizza-looking thing)
don't know what those 2 stick people are on the bottom left?!
anyway my life has been good, okay, fine, nothing spectacular I guess! exams next week, then it's summer holidays! woohoo can't wait! Keegan, have you sent your life size poster yet? I'm still waiting for it!
oh I celebrated Easter for the first time this year. went over to my friends house and helped them to hide eggs in their backyard and front yard. the kids took the longest time to find one of the quail eggs I hid! :P
oh and im going to see Jimmy Eat World in concert on May 18! =D

and I found my new favorite beer!

 Adam L. (Levine & Lambert) 
random, sorry. hahaha!

Slocum is in America already btw! 
and it's about time you and Ken blog!!